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Organizational Structure, Department Sections


Department Sections


​Custom Centers Department

Customs Centers Department is practicing the management and coordination of customs work amongst Head Office and other customs centers seeking to implement the vision of RAK Customs Department. The Department always endeavors to supervise the centers' actions and assures their effective contribution in supporting trade with United Arab Emirates and combating fraud and smuggling, as well. The Department includes 12 customs centers, as follows: ​

1.Saqr Port Custom.

2.Al Jazeera Port Custom.

3.RAK Port Custom.

4.Inland Container Depot Custom.

5.Al Jeer Port Custom.

6.Al Darah Custom.

7.Aswad Port Custom.

8.Al Ghail Free Zone Custom.

9.South Free Zone Custom.​​

10.North Free Zone Custom​.

11.RAK International Airport Custom.

12.Emirates Post Custom​.

Custom Affairs Department

Customs Affairs Department of RAK Customs is concerned with developing and implementing customs procedures and policies. The Department is competent to issue customs regulations in accordance with the GCC Common Customs Law, other relevant laws, including WCO rules and regulations. This is achieved in full cooperation with the UAE Federal Customs Authority. Furthermore, it effectively participates, together with the Federal Customs Authority, in finalising the optimal status of the GCC Customs Union and the Pan-Arab Customs Union.

The Department is ensuring that compliance with customs procedures, policies and regulations is completely achieved. It also conducts appropriate corrective actions in this regard, follows up compliance with the requirements of the GCC Customs Union and provides statistical data and customs studies. The Customs Affairs Department is responsible for maintaining all documents relating to customs transactions processed by RAK Customs.

Taking part in the enforcement field of customs working, the Customs Affairs Department seeks to support and facilitate customs enforcement and anti-smuggling activities. The Department is committed to protecting intellectual property rights through the implementation of a number of legal measures, including recording trademarks and commercial agencies, consideration of related complaints and follow-up of trademark infringement cases.

The Department registers and licenses companies and individuals and regulates the mechanism through which they deal with RAK Customs. This is done in accordance with the activities on their licences registered in Dhabi System, providing that the requirements and conditions necessary for registration are satisfied by these companies.

The Customs Affairs Department comprises the following sections:-​

1.Customs Policies and Procedures Section.

​2.Post Audit Section

3.Studies and Statistics Section

4.IPR Protection Section

5.Registration and Licensing Section

Customs Security & Risks Department

Customs Security & Risks Department was established and approved within the new Organisation Chart of RAK Customs Department on 26th July 2015. Establishment of such a department signifies RAK Customs' endeavours to develop its services through the implementation of globally best applied customs practices, and to facilitate the implementation of RAK Customs Strategic Plan for 2015 – 2017, which was originated and derived from the Strategy of RAK Government. 

In essence, Customs Security & Risks Department seeks to facilitate the processes of customs clearance, and to ensure that clearance procedures are correctly followed in line with globally applied standards of risk management. The Department is also competent to handle and oversee all different types of seizures, and customs offences in general. Additionally, RAK Customs is currently developing its Head Office Operations Room, which will shoulder the efforts of monitoring and securing customs centres, and protecting the UAE. Currently, Customs Security & Risks Department comprises three main sections:

1. Customs Risk Management Section.

2. Operations & Coordination Section.

3. Customs Security Section.

Supporting Services Department

Supporting Services Department is comprised of different divisions carrying out several roles and duties to assist all other departments and divisions by delivering administrative, financial and technical services as well as deploying and training both internal and external customers to support and backup RAK Customs Department towards developing and promoting institutional working within RAK Customs. The department includes the following Sections:

1. Human Resources Section.

2. Financial Resources Section.

3. Information Technology Section.

4. Administrative Services Section.

Internal Audit Office

This Office strives to supervise internal audit workings through assuring compliance with organizational and operational laws and regulations; establishing the commitment of other departments and divisions within RAK Customs Department to the application of the administrative, financial and customs systems and regulations.

Typically, there are two principal branches of auditing:

(1) Fiscal Audit, also known as "Accounting Audit", is a term principally involves accountancy and finance aspects.

(2) Administrative Audit or "Operations Audit", which is that kind of auditing establishing the efficiency and competency of an administration in undertaking its functions.​

Institutional Development Office

The Office was founded for laying down the principles and procedures of Customs Department's work in accordance with specifications of the international association for standardization and metrology relevant to customs working. Settling down such principles and procedures comes with the purpose of promoting the customs working in Ras Al Khaimah through consistently auditing the work of customs centers and other Department's sections, analyzing results and introducing reports in order to deliver the best services ever for both nationals and residents.

Institutional Development Office at RAK Customs strives for participating in developing and introducing strategies, policies, objectives and excellence and quality programmes within the organization. Additionally, the Office has an effective role to play within the Quality Team which is carried out by managing the entire administrative and technical requirements for the Team as well as following up the implementation of its recommendation and decisions. Furthermore, the Office has a supervisory role in the preparation of manuals, booklets and pamphlets for documenting customs work procedures and requirements and spreading quality culture. The Office is also co-ordinating the conduct of standard benchmark studies in addition to proposing development programmes and means. This Division is concerned about the continuous development aiming at polishing up and improving occupational skills. Last but not least, the duties of Institutional Development Office involve providing assistance to organizational units in measuring their performance and the outcomes of their activities and operations. That also includes preparing, distributing and analyzing different surveys directed to employees, customers and other relevant parties.


Institutional Communication Office

Institutional Communication office shoulders the responsibility for consolidating the institutional identity of RAK Customs Department and publicizing its services amongst the other governmental and private institutions, in addition to the general public.  Such publicity is given via several means of communication such as entertainment and community activities, and organizing of conferences, campaigns and whatsoever serves the achievement of RAK Customs Department's objectives and reflects its vision and mission transparently and truthfully.


Investment Office

The Office aims to reinforce the trustworthiness of RAK Customs' investment environment. Nonetheless, supervising local and international investment and development projects belonging to RAK Customs Department both locally and internationally.