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RAK Customs completes 7,396 electronic transactions through remote working

Since remote working for emergency purposes has been put in place by RAK Customs Department, the Department completed 7,396 electronic transactions between 22nd and 30th March, 2020. This demonstrates the significant benefit that can be achieved for customers through the electronic services provided by the Department.

The electronic services delivered by the Customs Department varied between the services groups of registration and licensing, customs clearance, customs exemption, customs control and inspection and refund of cash deposits and release of bank guarantees. H.E. Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mehrezi, the Director General of RAK Customs, confirmed that customers can complete the customs services they require without the need to attend the Head Office or any of the customs centers. Dr. Al Mehrezi explained that under the precautionary measures followed by the Department in response to the Covid-19 virus pandemic to maintain public safety and health, the customer can now use the electronic portal of the Department to request and apply for customs services delivered by the Department. He assured that the services are effortlessly available in fully electronic form on the website. This includes the services of issue of importer codes, issue of customs declarations, manifests, gate passes, customs exemption letters, inspection and examination, refund of cash deposits and release of bank guarantees.

07 April 2020

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