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Departments & Sections

The ultimate goal of the Customs Centers Sector is to ensure the readiness of all customs centers, in administrative, logistics and human resources terms. Technically speaking, the Department ensures the efficiency of its customs operations staff in order to achieve security and the collection of customs taxes (duties). By doing this, the Department supports the movement of legitimate trade and enhances collaboration with partners in order to provide outstanding services to the customers as per the applicable laws and regulations.

The Sector of Customs Centers Department is divided into

1) The Sea & Air Customs Centers Department, under which the following centers are listed:
• RAK International Airport Customs
• Post Office Customs
• Saqr Port Customs
• RAK Port Customs
• Al Jazeera Port Custom.

2) The Land & Free Zone Centers Department, under which the following centers are listed:
• Al Ghail Free Zone Customs
• South Free Zones Customs
• North Free Zones Customs
• Al Dara Customs
• Aswad Customs

The Customs Affairs Department is competent in developing and following up accurate application of customs procedures and policies at the customs centres of Ras Al Khaimah. This application is ensured to be in accordance with the GCC Common Customs Law, other relevant laws, including the WCO rules and regulations. This is achieved in full coordination with the UAE Federal Customs Authority.

The Customs Affairs Department is always striving to ensure that full compliance with the customs procedures, policies and regulations is maintained. It also conducts appropriate corrective actions in this regard, monitors full compliance with the requirements of the GCC Customs Union and provides statistical data and customs studies. The Customs Affairs Department is also responsible for maintaining complete documents for all customs transactions processed by RAK Customs. The Customs Affairs Department seeks to support and facilitate customs enforcement and anti-smuggling activities, and is committed to protecting intellectual property rights through recording trademarks and commercial agencies, consideration of related complaints and follow-up of trademark infringement cases.

The Customs Affairs Department comprises the following sections: -

1. Customs Policies and Procedures section

2. Post Audit section

3. Studies and Statistics section

4. IPR Protection section

The Customs Security and Risks Department is assigned with implementing the customs policies and strategic plans, and supervising key operations and projects within the Customs Security and Risks Department, ensuring timely monitoring and provision of security support to the customs centres.Set action plans and key projects for the Customs Security and Risks Department, and supervise application following approval to such action plans and projects participate in developing the policies of customs risks management take part in managing crises and catastrophes suggest best practices in work scope of the Customs Security and Risks Department Co-ordinate between its organisational units, supervise their performance, and raise achievement reports to the Director General follow up and develop performance of its organisational units study and analyse risks involved in customs operations

The Customs Security and Risks Department consists of:

1- Customs Risk Management Section

2- Operations and Co-ordination Section

The Support Services Department of RAK Customs endeavours to provide the required support and assistance to all organisational units of the Customs Department, wherever it is required. The Support Services Department is doing so by providing recruitment services and management of human resources performance, in addition to training and development of staff through specialised trainings in customs inspection and clearance.

The Support Services Department also administrates the financial activities, budget and accounts of the Customs Department. The Support Services Department also provides administrative services efficiently in conjunction with the Purchases and Contracts Department of RAK Finance Department to maintain the properties and assets of RAK Customs Department. Additionally, the Support Services Department steadily provides 24/7 technical and IT support to all organisational units, in particular to the customs centres.

Sections of the Support Services Department:

1.Human Resources section

2.Financial Resources section

3.Administrative Services section

4.Information Technology section, which reports to the Electronic Government Authority (EGA)

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